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‘So, this is written after a long few tiring days. For the first time we have attended Top Drawer as a 'buyer', looking for great new products for our shop. This is my experience of an adventure to Top Drawer in London. Just a taster of the day, through my eyes and footsteps. Many cups of tea and glasses of water have helped.’

It was a very early morning after a no sleep night, and even if there had been sleep, it was still an early morning. We were stood on platform 1 of the train station heading for London, not to see the Queen, but to visit Top Drawer. I became a Designer representing Jolt through Designs in Mind. Seven train changes, in the cold dark early morning and we arrived at Marylebone Station. We met up with the rest of our party, and over a cup of tea planned our day.

We arrived at Top Drawer. I was a little overwhelmed at the scale of the trade show, but it helped that I wasn’t alone and the others had been before. We headed straight to the stands that were relevant to our buying concept.

‘Beautiful products, that have a social impact or a strong wellbeing message’

Top Drawer highlights for me were;

  1. Being part of the product buying decision making

  2. Greeting people, introducing myself by name and that I am one of the designers (But I don’t see myself as that, more a maker)

  3. Discovering two of the stands were in fact trades that I’m independently following on social media

  4. Making our voice heard to new and potential links, as well friends from other sellers associated with us

Suddenly it was our time to leave. I arrived as an anxious stranger and left with a bag of goodies, ideas and connections. I took pride in what I and the others had achieved in the day. I’ve broken my own self-belief stigma, from living with anxiety and depression, this has had a hold on me for the best part of my life. So, we made the long journey home from city to countryside. I’m hoping in my heart that I had made a difference in someone else’s life today.

The step counter beeps I smashed my target steps. This was my Top Drawer day in 11786 steps.

Now I need sleep, because ‘I WENT, I SAW, I CONQUERED!......


p.s: New products will be in our online shop soon, but don't let that stop you having a good look now- SHOP

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