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Rising Sun

Designed to take you there- rice paddy’s, Mount Fuji , rising sun, dawn light, fishermen rolling hills, temple towering, gentle rivers.

Colours include- Forest Green, Bone, Tomato, Cerulean Frost

'This has been a very exciting project to work on. It was empowering because it felt like we had responsibility for the designs, and as the process unfolded you can see the final piece coming together, this exceeded my expectations. The process is challenging, it's hard to imagine the finished product- but you have to let that go. The process is collaborative, everyone has different ideas and so things change and develop with input. There is a lot of decision making and it feels great when you get to that moment when everything clicks in to place and it works.'


Cabbage Mountain

Designed to take you there- Dusk dowsed hews, rough terrain, reach the summit

Colours include- Forest green, Flesh, Coral, Grey

'I would never have dreamt that a cabbage leaf could turn in to a design for a tea towel or a cushion! I drew the design first as I could see a pattern in the leaf, it was open to interpretation and inspired me. We then used a view finder to to take a section of the work which I transferred to a lino print- and it became cabbage mountain. Now that all these products are on sale with these designs I am so proud, I have bought a tea towel and show it to all my friends and family. They can't believe it all started with a cabbage leaf either!



Designed to take you there- Sushi, rice, frenzy, flying food, frantic movement, dance

Colours include- Blush, Forest green, Burnt Sienna, Taupe, Tomato

'I am proud of us here and what we can achieve together, we are a community and we have all got a purpose. Now that we are taking this collection to Top Drawer it is nice to know that other people are going to share in our work.'


Cracker Fans

Designed to take you there- Sophisticated, tailored, uniform, cool

Colours include- Indigo , Azure, Tomato

Seeing part of my design as a finished tangible, real life product has given me a sense of achievement which I haven’t felt in years. It’s motivated me to tackle tasks outside of the studio as well as giving me the confidence to say yes in the studio.

The cracker fan design in particular as I use it as a visual aid to remind myself of how resilient I really am. The day I started the design I was suffering from side effects of my medication, specifically shakes and this prevented me from using a scalpel to paper cut, in order to screen print. I folded the paper to be precise. Out of my comfort zone and about to tear my hair out, I tore the paper and had a eureka moment, the fans, like me, could have rough edges too.

So every time I see the print on a cushion or card, not only do I think ‘I made that!’ I remember I made that on a bad day, which gives me hope for my future, just think what I could achieve on a great day!


Tidal Eclipse

Designed to take you there- Sun, eclipse, tides, breakers, ocean, sand, shore

Colours include- Tomato, Racing Green, Yellow Ochre, Sage Green, Tomato, Taupe

'I want to be productive, It feels good to be useful I like that feeling. I haven't felt it in so long and it is very important to my self esteem and confidence. The start of the process is overwhelming for me, experimenting and developing ideas without knowing what they finished piece will be like- so I am surprised by the final outcome.'



Designed to take you there- Gentle, bamboo, jungle, wading, reflective

Colours include- Racing Green, Indigo, Sage Green, Tomato, Grey, Stone

'Having a sketchbook means I can work at home as well as in the studio. After some research about Japanese wildlife I painted the Crane at home. I was drawn to it because they are seen as a lucky bird, they look elegant, beautiful and noble. I feel so proud to see it now on products and that it is part of a whole collection. I bought a tea towel when we opened a pop up shop, I couldn't believe I could just go in and buy something of mine. I have shown all my family.'


These designs are available in our shop on a range of cushions, tea towels and cards available here

To download our JAPAN collection catelogue for trade please click here

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