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It is worth doing well

I can’t believe you are putting all this effort in to open for 2 weeks!’

This is something we have heard a lot over the last 2 months, and sometimes has made us question our own decisions as we have been developing this venture, however…

We really believe that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing well.

Most of our work is about exceeding expectations and creating experiences that change people’s lives.

When you walk in to our studio (Designs in Mind) you feel the energy, the warmth, you hear laughter and chatter, and you see the hive of activity, of creation and making.

When you walk in to our shop (JOLT) we want to create that environment. Shopping is only part of the experience. We want to create a space where people come to meet, start conversations, get inspired, make, create.

We also have to work really hard to challenge and change the low expectations that surround our makers. Mental health stigma is often a greater burden than the illness itself. Even after people have developed a new confidence, a sense of worth and potentially new aspirations for their future the outside world is not always ready to meet them with the same energy. Instead people who are living with mental health challenges are often met with caution and concern, fear and unease.

Through our work and the pop up shop we have the opportunity to change this and get people to look beyond the label.

‘It is such a positive in a difficult time- we’re not stupid, ignorant or second class citizens. We have aspirations for our ability and our future.'

(Member, Designs in Mind)

Opening the shop, on Cross Street, ensures ‘mental health’ become part of every day life- on the high street. Maybe it will take away the taboo and highlight that everyone has mental health and would like to take care of it. Maybe it will make it easier for people to find help without judgment, stigma, or shame.

We hope you will come in.

We are open from the 8th- 22nd of July every day from 10.00am-4.00pm

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