• Jo Watkins

£9.50 for a tea towel?

£9.50 for a tea towel?

Yes. That is the price of one of our tea towels. Here is why.

Our studio is celebrating, we have new online partners to sell our products. This is great. This is exciting. To see our work up there, looking gorgeous. But then reading through the Facebook comments, one really stood out:

“I would love to support these guys but £9.50 for a tea towel?!”

So, where do we start with this?

We get it, we really do. You can pick up a handful of tea towels for half the price in any supermarket, high street bargain retailer etc etc. But isn’t that missing the whole point?

We are a brand developing as part of a social enterprise, Designs In Mind. We are a support network and we are attempting to make change. We are not wholesaling our products in the 1000s from across the seas in shipping containers.

The £3.97 we make on each sale between production, marketing, logistics and the end sale is our precious profit. That money goes back into the pot to make more products, continue supporting our members and raise awareness.

Time is invested in researching our place in the market, and the fine line between covering our costs and being as ‘pocket friendly’ as possible is a constant challenge. Pop over to any major retailer and you will see prices all over the place. From £5 to £15 for a tea towel. Our price is not unusual as tea towel prices go.

If you take time to read about our work you will see we work with adults referred through the mental health services. With this new brand JOLT, we are working on two different tides.... addressing mental health stigma, and making a profit. The impact on our makers is huge- working with purpose and seeing the products sold on a national platform increases feelings of self worth and raises aspirations for the future.

We also want to create a viable long term business where we can enable people to get into work by gaining skills and confidence with us, and for that it means we have to charge prices where we actually make a little bit of money.

When we ask you to 'Look beyond the Label', we are asking you to not only challenge your own expectations of those with mental health issues, but ask yourself the question about where the money goes - and just how far it CAN go.

We have currently sold out of our tea towels (YAYDance), and our fresh new delivery will arrive in two weeks. When they arrive you can buy them from us directly, or any of our partners... and yes, they cost £9.50.

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