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Journey Of a LifeTime

When we launched our new brand JOLT last year we held a party to celebrate, and someone raised the question of whether JOLT stood for ‘Journey of a lifetime?’ We pondered this and wondered why we hadn’t thought of that!? It was an interesting and relevant idea to discuss in the studio.


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Here at Designs in Mind, we have been developing our new brand JOLT. It aims to challenge the stigma surrounding our makers. When the discussion regarding the newly discovered acronym was introduced, it became apparent it is a far reaching topic. One that means different things to different people, and even different things to the same person depending on the impact that each day makes on their angle of perception!

To some it means reaching for goals and getting that sense of achievement. Living with a mental health issue is, in itself, a journey of a life time. It can be hard to reflect on life especially when it's been difficult, it’s hard to look forward let alone backwards so it's best to live in the present.

Joining Designs In Mind is, to some, a journey of a life time. The initial phase of nervous anticipation at how they will fit in and feel in the group often being the downside, followed then by the pleasant feeling of surprise at the ease of fluidity they feel on joining. Next comes the friendly, lively people that they meet helping them to feel at ease and then the creative challenge to produce their best work.

To others the journey of a life time feels never ending.

A sense of negating time and blocking out past memories exists in one member who wishes not to look back to his twenties, not longing for youth as it was horrible, just living for now. Things have improved with support from the day centre and medication, now the suicidal thoughts have receded.

Living with mental health issues can feel like living like an addict, it's always there following you around.

At times, the Journey Of a Life Time means keeping on going, dragging yourself out when you feel like curling up, only to be refreshed and rejuvenated by a studio full of laughter, camaraderie and team spirit.

It gives me something completely different to focus on, especially when commissions are completed,

I feel chuffed!

The Journey of a Life Time could be periods of calm punctuated by storms of psychosis accentuated by episodes of depression and the slow climb out with help and support, both physical and emotional from the group and personal networks. Coming to work at the studio has been to some, a pivotal stage in the recovery process.

JOLT aims to shed light on, and let light into the darkness around the day to day reality of living with a mental health issue.Yes, we may have this ‘thing’ called a mental health issue, but it isn’t the whole picture. We can live with it and create vibrancy and beauty. For us it is about being present in the creative design journey, while navigating our own landscape.

The two can co exist and this is what JOLT is all about.

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