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Meet Marion

JOLT is a new homeware brand with product designed and made by Designs in Mind, a rural social enterprise. The designs are created by a diverse group of makers referred through mental health services. 100% of sales revenue goes towards sustaining and developing the work of Designs in Mind.

Marion is one of our members at Designs in Mind who has been working on the first collection of JOLT products.

What were you doing before Designs in Mind and why did you come?

I wasn’t doing any activities before Designs in Mind. From 2008-2011 I went to a day centre, for mainly older people with physical disabilities and dementia – only a couple of people had mental health problems.

It got me out of the house once a week. It was quizzes, baking etc. It wasn’t supporting my Mental Health. I wasn’t meeting people with Mental Health issues in common. It suited me and I appreciated it at the time.

I left by accident. I was away at my brothers while my house was being renovated and when I came back my community psychiatric nurse said I had to re-apply and probably wouldn’t get to go, because of funding cuts to day services. My support worker mentioned Designs in Mind, we had come before for a one off glass workshop. I mentioned it to my Doctor but they said I’d have problems with transport. But I’m here!

What do you get out of coming to DiM?

Everything- Companionship, learning many different skills and the opportunity to be creative.

How have you been involved in JOLT?

I’ve been composing designs, making colour choices and screen printing for different product items. I also went to London to PULSE, which was an amazing opportunity.

What excites you about JOLT?

Excitement and a certain amount of apprehension. I enjoy being involved in a project working closely with others to choose colours and compose designs etc. I like the collaborative working. I’m learning more.

Does anything make you nervous about JOLT?

Yes coming up with new designs makes me nervous. The art I did at school was very basic, no abstract art or modern designs, more composition and precise drawing. I wanted to go to art school but never could.

What do you hope JOLT can achieve in the future?

A question and a half! We want sales!! It is so rewarding to see work we have created, purchased by others. I want JOLT to be a known design label and go beyond Oswestry.

How do you hope to be involved in JOLT in the future?

As I am now, part of a team; a designer.

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