100% cotton.

Machine washable


Designed to take you there- Sun, eclipse, tides, breakers, ocean, sand, shore


Colours include- Tomato, Racing Green, Yellow Ochre, Sage Green, Tomato, Tope

Tea Towel- Tidal Eclipse

  • This year the theme for our collection is Japan.


    The pure richness of material to draw from has informed the work in our studio throughout the year. The clarity, beauty and quality of Japanese design provides a never ending source of inspiration... Whatever your taste, there will be an element of Japanese design that will appeal to you.


    Colours are bold but sophisticated, lines clean and uncluttered. Consideration and elegance feature in almost every corner.


    Not only is there aesthetic beauty and quality to savour, when you take time to look a little deeper, the relevance of Japanese symbolism is reflected in our own mental health journeys; the journey of life represented by the fan, or the Koi who demonstrates perseverance.


    Finding these nuggets of wisdom within something aesthetically beautiful can provide further comfort and a pathway to peace.


    And then when all else feels lost, through working with your hands comes purpose.


    “By taking bits and pieces, and using them to make something incredibly beautiful... its transformation through action.”